BRYK Group specialise in a wide range of software development. Whether it be a bespoke solution, implementing an out of the box application or integrating various systems we can help.

Using design thinking principles we help you to discover, define, develop (prototype), test and iterate your solution to ensure the best user experience for you and your customers. Our team have the technical knowledge and the design expertise to produce a polished, quality and feasible product.

Bespoke solutions

Deep diving into the problem to develop a bespoke solution with an exceptional user experience.


Ensuring any out of the box solution is implemented effectively and adopted.


Creating seamless integrations with the user experience as the focus.

BRYK Group has specific experience across a broad range of technologies, including:


Java, .NET, Ruby on Rails,

PHP, Python, Scala, Javascript, HTML/CSS


Microsoft Win32,

.NET, Java, Objective-C





Oracle, MS SQL, DB2,

PostgreSQL, MySQL

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