Remote Site Validation

Meat & LiveStock Australia

Meat and Livestock Australia sought to deploy a SharePoint based collaboration application (iShare) to support the Knowledge Management Strategy and ensure that “no user is left behind” in terms of system performance.

BRYK Group utilised in-house expertise and researched network solutions and SharePoint companion products to recommend network optimisation software to assist with WAN and File management and reporting. We enhanced the user experience relating to files traversing the network by using: Compression of the payload, Protocol optimisation and caching.

In addition, BRYK group established a Proof of Concept structure replicating the target user environments to prove and demonstrate our advice and recommended new technology known as “document connector” to automatically migrate local file shares into iShare.

This resulting in a low Budget solution, no migration overhead on users, no centralisation of data, no significant cost increment for remote offices and provided remote users with a comparable user experience.

The complexities of the project were:


MLA has a global distributed user network, with branches across a number of geographic zones (10+).


Infrastructure performance is highly variable including many low bandwidth sites.


High impact on performance of large files to be migrated, accessed and searched


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