Now Finance 

Infrastructure Platform

BRYK Group were commissioned to move Now Finance from a traditional co-located data centre setup to a cloud platform that provided greater performance, scalability, flexibility and cost effectiveness.

There were complexities due to the high transaction volume, requirements for minimal down time, legislative compliance and strong disaster recovery requirements. In addition, there were multiple 3rd party integrations and the need to provide secure public facing front-end access. 

BRYK Group designed a cloud-based hosting architecture and future cost model. We: 


Designed a Secure Virtual Private Cloud base solution aligned with requirements utilises reserved instances to optimise cost.


Performed production verification testing, penetration and DR testing, elastic load testing.


Built monitoring and availability services to allow for 99.999999 uptime.


Commissioned AWS platform for 20+ elastic cloud computing instances applying load balancing, RDS and Storage services.


Migrated all data, applications and 3rd party integrations to new the platform.


Decommissioned old platform, including secure/safe data removal/disposal.

This resulted in an enterprise grade platform that provided 24 x 7 availability, greater scalability and flexibility to Now Finance. 

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