Global Automotive Finance Platform

FirstRand Bank

Conduct Automotive finance in Australia but have all staff and back office functions located in South Africa and wished this to have no negative impact on local experience. BRYK Group were commissioned to provide advice on the platform infrastructure, integration and migration of tools.

Using in-house resources BRYK Group produced a Global Platform Blueprint to advise client on platform. We provided advice on transcontinental phone links, cloud-based infrastructure, network optimisation, innovative internet “tunnel” to provide security & performance. BRYK Group also conducted penetration testing, security reviews, verified by 3rd party audits.

This resulted in Global IT reviewing and accepting BRYK Group’s advice and implement and use as global exemplar template. It was subsequently used in three other jurisdictions.

The complexities of the project were:


Over 20 interlinked software modules with multiple integrations(eg Credit Bureau, Bank, ERP).


Front-office applications accessible to public internet, back-office restricted to internal use.


High local performance required (equivalent to local server).


High complexity/risk compliance environment (ie Credit Code, Privacy etc).


All points of contact (including phone) had to appear as based in Australia.


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