ConnectBids was design to save lives by ensuring that government funding is allocated to critical road maintenance requirements as stipulated by the Victorian Coroner and confirmed by the Auditor General. VicRoads needed a single authoritative source of information for bid planning, tools to assist VicRoads staff to prepare reliable, accurate and fully considered planning bids. They also strove to improve productivity through the alignment of information, people and business processes.

There were multiple stakeholders, several legacy systems and legislative compliance requirements that increased the complexity of this project. In addition it was to serve a high volume of users with over 20,000 bids per year across all Victorian regions.

BRYK Group deployed a team of 15 people on-site for 6 months, conducted intensive user research to optimise UX, managed end-to-end software lifecycle, integrated other bespoke systems and managed the migration.

The solution received a Victorian Merit Award, was 100% adopted the regional offices and was said to have saved VicRoads approximately $30million a year.