Welcome to the new reality of 2020. No longer will you be subjected to awkward sign-up processes, usernames and passwords and unacceptable risks of fraud and identity theft.

BRYK.ID enables you to provide the highest level of security and the smoothest customer experience when onboarding new users and authenticating existing users.

The BRYK.ID platform couldn’t have come at a better time.

COVID-19 has accelerated the need for highly secure remote identity checking.

The BRYK.ID Difference


  • Designed for Australian conditions and regulations
  • 100% locally supported by the BRYK Group – 20 years serving Governments and Businesses
  • An ongoing security service – a platform that is continually learning, improving, adapting and updating.
  • Works on virtually any mobile or desktop device with a camera

BRYK.ID enables organisations to manage identity proofing, user authentication and fraud detection as activities on the same spectrum, and drive a coordinated internal strategy to deliver the highest levels of security, user satisfaction and efficiency gains.

BRYK.ID is the ONLY liveness solution in the world that is:

CERTIFIED Level 1 & 2 – ISO/IEC 30107-3:2017 – Biometric presentation attack detection

delivering an incredibly low False Acceptance Rate of 1 in 12,800,000 uses

delivering first-time successful registration in nearly all cases

offering a bounty of $150,000 to anyone able to bypass its security

High accuracy means high security
  • Un-Sharable, Un-Phishable & virtually impossible to circumvent
  • Facial authentication NOT facial recognition – measures 3D depth, skin texture, eye reflections in real time
  • Biometric best practice with safe centralised storage plus the collection of new liveness data for every session
  • False Acceptance Rate (FAR) of 1:12,800,000 with False Rejection Rate (FRR) of less than 1%
  • Artificial Intelligence and machine learning give continuous and improving protection
  • Encapsulated process with tamper checking and duplicate detection
Frictionless experience for real users
  • Fast registration and authentication
  • 2 second selfie video
  • Intuitive interface with simple end-to-end process
  • Works in real world conditions – lighting, glasses, makeup, beards, skin tones
  • Works on all devices and webcams
  • Safe and secure remote access for everyone including elderly, health-restricted, housebound, the disabled, and remote living
  • No more usernames and passwords – just look at the camera
  • OCR scanning of ID details eliminates data entry

2020 Technology Platform Solution of the Year


The Bryk Group is thrilled to have won the 2020 iAward for Technology Platform of the Year.


We wish to acknowledge our fellow nominees all of whom have innovated in their respective fields:

Design Simulations Systems Ltd for DSS Enterprise
Monash University for Green Cloud
Reesby for Machine Learning AI Platform
Sanoa Health for Preventative Digital Health Platform
Telstra and Lexus Australia for Advanced Connect Vehicles


Integrated Platform for
Online Identity Verification


BRYK.ID is a platform that enables orchestration of multiple services and capabilities, allowing frictionless registration and authentication workflows to be created and combined into a single integrated registration process.


What You Get with BRYK.ID

Full branding
white labelling
Liveness + encrypted 3D facial blueprint
Workflow configuration & customisation
Reporting and advanced audit trail features
Advanced optical character recognition
Document verification services

Target Multiple Areas Simultaneously

Meet KYC and AML compliance requirements
Detect and deter identity fraud (end-to-end). Replace passwords with 3D facial blueprints
Provide superior end-to-end customer experience across multiple channels
Accelerate Sales/Revenue process
Optimise organisational costs

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